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I Am Not a Penguin: A Pangolin's Lament by Liz Wong

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Written and Illustrated by Liz Wong

This hilarious story of a pangolin with an identity crisis will be loved by fans of Penguin Problems and Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great.

Poor pangolin--he's trying to explain who he is, but all the other animals keep getting confused.

You have scales--like a snake? A long tongue--like a frog? A strong scent--like a skunk? You can roll in a ball--like an armadillo? And a name that sounds a lot like...penguin? We love penguins!

No, no, no! I am not a penguin! There are no penguins here!

But then, just when it couldn't get worse, a penguin arrives!!

What's a poor pangolin got to do to be understood?!

Published Jan 19, 2021 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN 9780593127407

Pirate Queen: A Story of Zheng Yi Sao by Helaine Becker, illustrated by Liz Wong

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Written by Helaine Becker and Illustrated by Liz Wong

An inspiring story of Zheng Yi Sao, the real-life pirate queen who took control of her life—and the South China seas—in the early 19th century.

The most powerful pirate in history was a woman who was born into poverty in Guangzhou, China, in the late 1700s. When pirates attacked her town and the captain took a liking to her, she saw a way out. Zheng Yi Sao agreed to marry him only if she got an equal share of his business. When her husband died six years later, she took command of the fleet.

Over the next decade, the pirate queen built a fleet of over 1,800 ships and 70,000 men. On land and sea, Zheng Yi Sao’s power rivaled the emperor himself. Time and again, her ships triumphed over the emperor’s ships.

When she was ready to retire, Zheng Yi Sao surrendered—on her own terms, of course. Even though there was a price on her head, she was able to negotiate her freedom, living in peace and prosperity for the rest of her days.

Zheng Yi Sao’s powerful story is told in lyrical prose by award-winning author Helaine Becker. Liz Wong’s colorful, engaging illustrations illuminate this inspiring woman in history.

Published March 1, 2020 by House of Anansi Press/Groundwood Books

ISBN 9781773061245

The Goose Egg by Liz Wong

“Rendered in a soft palette using watercolors, colored pencils, and gouache, Wong offers a gentle story of imprinting, to be sure, but more so a story of finding love where and when it is least expected.“School Library Journal, starred review

“A captivating and endearing life lesson.“ Booklist, starred review

Winter 2018-19 Kid's Indie Next List


Written and Illustrated by Liz Wong

Henrietta likes her quiet life. A morning swim, a cup of tea—all is serene.

But everything changes when she bumps her head and winds up with a goose egg—A REAL goose egg. Henrietta tries to return the baby goose to the nest, but her flock has flown. It’s up to Henrietta to raise her.

Goose isn’t anything like Henrietta. She’s flappy, and noisy, and exhausting. But Henrietta raises that goose right. She teaches her to swim, and to honk, and to fly. When Goose flies off with the other geese, Henrietta is so proud!

And then . . . lonely. How quiet her life feels now.

But the love you give has a way of coming back to you. And Henrietta has a wonderful surprise in store. . . .

Published January 22, 2019 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN 9780553511574

“Wong’s delightful illustrations perfectly capture the sweet silliness of this story. Children will appreciate Quackers’s quirky dilemma, and the underlying message that friends do not have to be all the same will surely not be lost on young listeners.” —School Library Journal


Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, 2016

Irma Simonton Black Honor Award, 2016

Washington State Book Award Finalist, 2017

Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Finalist, 2017-2018

2017 JumpStart Read for the Record book

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Written and Illustrated by Liz Wong

A cat who thinks he’s a duck?  He must be Quackers!! 

This quirky funny book is about standing out, fitting in, and building a life with room for all.
Quackers is a duck. Sure, he may have paws and whiskers. And his quacks might sound more like…well, meows, but he lives among ducks, everyone he knows is a duck, and he’s happy. 
Then Quackers meets another duck who looks like him (& talks like him, too!)—but he calls himself a cat. So silly!

Quackers loves being among his new friends the cats, but he also misses his duck friends, and so he finds a way to combine the best of both worlds. Part cat, part duck, all Quackers!

Published March 22, 2016 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN 9780553511543

Download a Quackers coloring page here!

Available in Spanish from Jumpstart!

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Cuacua by Liz Wong







© 2019 Liz Wong Illustration. email: lizwongillustration@gmail.com

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